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Carmine Manganelli CEO​

In 2009 I retired from working at Analog Devices as layout Engineer after 38 years. Well, I am of Italian origin and as an adolescent, while studying, I would stil help in my family farm. My love for olive oil was born there,, the beautiful gold color on that roasted bread always lived in my memory. After retiring I felt the need to reconnect with our beloved Italy and the EVOO trying to get the same emotions as once and felt sharing it with my family here in the States. In 2010 I reached a deal with a frantoio near by my hometown in the city of Venticano. Oleificio Frantoio Fam understood I was looking only the very best to represent me so we both went to work putting quality at the forefront of this adventure together.


We started receiving awards in 2012, too many to list here, the average of 12 each year. From Sol d’Oro Verona to Tre Foglie Gambero Rosso, to Sirena d’Oro, to Cinque Gocce Bibenda, to Sirena d’Oro, to NYIOOC (New York International Olive Oil Competition}. Mr. Curtis Cord had this to say in recognition for our win:
Dear Carmine,
Congratulations for producing one of the best extra virgin olive oil in the world for 2014. Here is your Gold Award for Ravece Monovarietale. To produce an outstanding olive oil is an extremely important achievement. You have made a product that is delicious, healthy and enriches the lives of us all. Thank you for your dedication to excellence. We will be broadcasting your remarkable accomplishment all year through as many channels as we can find, and developing innovative ways to reward you for your win. The world needs to know that Oleificio Frantoio Fam makes magnificent extra virgin olive oil. Again, my compliments for a job well done.
Best regards,Signature Curtis Cord
President NYIOOC

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Every great olive oil starts with loving care and dedication. Our extra virgin olive oil is produced at the Oleificio Frantoio Fam in Campania, Italy, by Antonio and his sisters, Flora and Maria, who take personal pride in its high quality. The olives, Ravece, Ogliarola, and Gentile, grow particularly well in the area, and the oil is extracted without using water. The result is pure olive oils with true, clean flavor and strong structure. Evoolove can supply the highest quality olive oil for home cooking and for restaurant customers, and can ship the oils anywhere in the country to residences or businesses. Would you like to include Evoolove olive oil products in your cafe or kitchen? Visit our products on the website or contact us for more information.

Infused Olive Oil

There’s an important reason to choose Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Evoolove. These special flavors enhance pure Evoolove extra virgin olive oil with subtle, sophisticated flavors, unlike the heavy flavoring used in many commercial brands to cover up inferior oil. Instead, we offer superior Infused.
Extra Virgin Olive Oils for your restaurant or home that can give any dish a vibrant difference. The smallest details are the most important. Find out how delighted your family and restaurant customers will be with our Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oils.

Balsamic Vinegar

Evoolove carries only the very best balsamic vinegar, made with the same standards used in producing our olive oils. Ours is produced and aged in Modena, Italy, known as the pinnacle of balsamic making. Aged for no less than 12 years in wine kegs of oak, cherry, chestnut, juniper, and other woods, this vinegar has a distinct, complex flavor, a thick, syrupy consistency, and deep color. Its excellent quality, so different from the sugary, sour balsamic widely available, can bring your dishes at home or in your restaurant to a new level. Visit our products page to learn more about our selection, and contact us for more information about how to supply your home or restaurant.

Gourmet Food

Italians love proverbs and a favorite is: “La cucina piccola fal la casa grande.” Translated: “A small kitchen makes the house big.” Evoolove’s gourmet food products – from orange honey, to squid ink or mushroom pasta, to truffle carpaccio and more — will delight your guests and customers. All of our specialty foods are imported from Italy and carefully curated to have the same high quality as our extra virgin olive oils and balsamic vinegar. Your culinary reputation will soar!


With its intense fruitiness, Ravece is an extraordinary experience in flavor. This extra virgin olive oil is made from a single variety of olives, which are manually harvested and cold-pressed within a few hours off the tree. Just taste Ravece, and you’ll reach for it to savor with all your best dishes.


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