Authentic in every way , Paisanella Pasta

Evoo Love's Paisanella Brand Pasta

Paisanella Pasta

Fresh, authentic Italian Pasta. Paisanella pasta is from the town of Pontecagnano in the Salerno province of Italy comes this delightful and intriguing pasta brand. The pastas are made using an ancient method particular to the region. The process includes only the finest durum wheat semolina, then the pasta is slowly dried over 36 or more hours, this preserves its character and improves the pasta’s texture. This also ensures better flavor and that sauces cling to the pasta surface.

Different Varieties of Paisanella Pasta 

We offer many varieties of the pasta and in many flavors. From chestnut to pistacchio flavors, these unique pastas will definitely please a dinner party at your house or even a customer in your restaurant. Our selection is different but it is what makes this product so great .

Impress your friends and family 

Cook something different for dinner tonight. Maybe a Lemon Pasta with a garlic and oil sauce ? Or how about Bueberry Tagliatelle with a creamy alfredo sauce ? Possibilities are endless.  As they say in Italy this is ” Pasta con Gusto” which translates to this is “Pasta with Taste !”