The Tranfaglia Family and EvooLove

Marciano Tranfaglia’s passion was to make olive oil that was consistent with the natural landscape of his land and that would rival other olive oils across Italy.  Now, Flora, Antonio and Maria Tranfaglia, the children of Marciano are turning their fathers’ passion into an even bigger reality.

In 1997 , the three siblings constructed an oil mill to produce there extra virgin olive oil. Evoo Love joined the Tranfaglia siblings in 2010 adding many flavored oils to production.

The flagship of the company is its 1.800- solar powered square metered facility for oil making, oil storing and packing – divided in several rooms. In the borough of Taurasi, a village in which the family Tranfaglia has lived for generations. Their property includes several hectares of land of which more than many are planted with Ravece cultivar. The Tranfaglia family’s pursuit of perfection in the olive oil art, led the company to obtain numerous recognitions and special mentions in contexts and publications. Nowadays their olive oils are appreciated not only in Italy and the USA but also in many countries all over the world.

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