About the Owner

About the owner

Carmine Manganelli, born in Prata Principato Ultra, a small town in southern Italy near Venticano, where the oil from “Frantoio Fam” is produced. He was nicknamed “Piccolino” (small in stature), but even as a boy, Carmine was always eager to learn. He grew up in a modest farmhouse where the family used olive oil abundantly even though it was expensive and considered a luxury. When he was an adult, Carmine realized that his family knew that good olive oil preserved good health, made every meal special, and was worth the price. Early on, he wanted  the world to share in this bounty.   Upon completing his degree in Mechanical Engineering in Italy, Carmine immigrated to the United States. He came to be reunited with and married his true love, Tina, who came from the next town over from his hometown.   While working for a Fortune 500 electronics corporation in the US, Carmine and his family were able to travel on vacations throughout Italy, usually by car and with no real itinerary, to explore big cities, small towns and villages from the Alps to Sicily.   During these vacations, while the kids got hooked on fire-roasted bread drizzled with the golden olive liquid, Carmine’s knowledge and interest in olive oils, olives and olive trees grew.

How EvooLove began 

In 2010, Carmine and his wife traveled through Tuscany, Umbria, Abruzzi, Molise and Campania, visiting olive oil farms. He decided he wanted to bring the exquisite products home to the United States.   Carmine soon found Fam, which was a new state-of-the-art Frantoio (production facility), that had the capability of producing high volume and high-quality products. The owner of the Frantoio, Signor Tranfaglia, and Carmine became  partners. Although there were many hurdles to overcome in order to get the olive oil and other products to the US, they did it successfully, and continue to enjoy their partnership.   Today not only are the children of Carmine and Tina still enjoying bread and extra virgin olive oil, but the grandchildren also request “Nonno’s oil!” on a regular basis.   So having worked almost four decades designing complex electronic microchips, Piccolino has found finally the profession he loves. The best part is sharing it with others.

Awards and Recognition

Over the years we have cultivated multiple awards throughout the world. From Italy to Japan all the way to New York City our products have been appreciated by judges of many different cultures. EvooLove wants share our wonderful products with the world. Shop online or call us to supply your restaurant. Let EvooLove help you create ordinary dishes into something spectacular.


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